What does the Saskatchewan Angus Association Do for Me?


The Saskatchewan Angus Association (SAA) is a non-profit organization that encourages to the fullest cooperation between breeders and other persons interested in Angus cattle by uniting, fostering, and protecting the interests of the breed in Saskatchewan. Membership is available to both the commercial and seedstock producers of Angus cattle in Saskatchewan. The cost is very minimal $26.25 annually, collected by the Canadian Angus Association on our behalf. There is also a Junior membership for persons 21 years and younger. What exactly does the Saskatchewan Angus Association do? Your Membership money supports the following:


  • The Association hires a capable General Manager to coordinate and administer association activities.


  • Provides awards to Commercial Shows, example vouchers, prize money, Angus RFID tags & jackets.


  • Recognize producers that have contributed to Angus in Saskatchewan such as Commercial Producer of the Year, Purebred Breeder of the Year, Honour Scroll Recipients, Heritage Awrads & Honourary Presidents.


  • The SAA organizes and sponsors events that promote Angus in Saskatchewan - Field Days, Breeder Information Sessions and Gold and Junior Shows etc.


  • Individual Directors or the Association in general are more than willing to assist anyone to get involved in raising Angus Cattle - just give us a call.


  • The SAA sponsors the "Masterpiece Sale" to give new and established breeders a place to market their cattle.


  • The SAA provides organization, staff etc. for the Red and Black shows at Canadian Western Agribition.


  • The SAA has a 4-H program which rewards 4-Her's who show cattle that are Angus Influenced.


  • The SAA provides resource material - free for the asking to promote Saskatchewan Angus breeders, Angus Cattle and Beef in general.


  • The SAA acts as a liaison between producers and the Canadian Angus Association in Calgary through three elected Canadian Directors from Saskatchewan.


  • The SAA strongly supports our Junior Angus program. We have a Junior Director on our board, as well provide funding for their Association.


  • The SAA sponsors two $500 scholarships for Junior Angus members annually.


  • The SAA runs joint promotions with the Canadian Angus Association.


  • The SAA publishes a Newsletter 3 times a year - February, June and October. The "Angus Edge" is provided free as a marketing tool. We produce it in house and anyone can receive it. It comes to you automatically with your membership.


  • Saskatchewan Angus is a affiliate member to the Saskatchewan Stock Growers' Association and Canadian Western Agribition.


  • As a member of the Saskatchewan Angus Association you receive all of the above benefits, plus:
  • Free classified listings in the Angus Edge
  • Access to our member mailing list
  • Voting rights at our Annual Meeting
  • Eligibility to run for the Board of Directors
  • Please Note: If members so choose, they can request a copy of our Annual Report, which includes the Audited Financial Statement.


Why not support yourself and the Angus Breed in Saskatchewan - Become a Saskatchewan Angus Association Member Today.

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