Rayel Kaczmar

Grenfell, SK - 306-451-0075



Brianna Kimmel

Lloydminster, SK - 780-214-3643



Carson Liebreich

Radville, SK - 306-815-7226



Macy Liebreich

Radville, SK - 306-869-6740



Allison Tetzlaff

??, SK - 306-231-6968



Connor Tetzlaff

??, SK - 306-231-6904



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Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Board of Directors

Jessica Davey - President

Saskatoon, SK - 306-230-7409



Reegan Frey - Vice-President

Oxbox, SK - 306-485-6788



Brandy Fettes - Secretary

Glamar, SK - 306-815-7082



Hillary Sauder - Junior Director

Hodgeville, SK - 306-677-7542





Directors at Large

Baxter Blair

McLean, SK - 306-699-7807



Morgan Davey

Saskatoon, SK - 306-250-6891



Hayden Elliot-Nelson

St. Brieux, SK - 306-920-7053



Tyra Fox

Lloydminster, SK - 780-871-2563



Rayel Kaczmar

Grenfell, SK - 306-451-0075


Carson Liebreich

Radville, SK - 306-815-7226



Macy Liebreich

Radville, SK - 306-869-6740



Allyson Tetzlaff

Viscount, SK - 306-231-6968



Connor Tetzlaff

Viscount, SK - 306-231-6904


The Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association was officially formed in 1996 and works to educate and provide opportunities to Angus Juniors in Saskatchewan. We host 1 show each year - which includes Marketing, Judging, Showmanship, Grooming, Peewee Classes, and conformation, plus much more are a part of the whole concept at these shows. Educational clinics and entertainment are planned and all events are run by the Juniors, including obtaining funding for hosting the events.

2020 Junior Show results - Click here

Champion Open Female


Jorja Fox

Reserve Champion Open Female


Brenna Fornwald

Champion Bull


Kailey Brandl

Reserve Champion Bull


Wynton Brandl

Champion Owned Female


Lane Steen

Reserve Champion Owned Female


Trigg Pittman


President's Message: Happy New Year! As we begin 2020 I’d like to wish everyone the best throughout the winter months as calving is in gear and bull/female sale season approaches. Remember to stay warm and safe this season.


As 2019 wrapped up we had a few exciting events. At the end of October we held the annual Saskatchewan Junior Angus Gold show in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan during the Stockade Round Up. We had many juniors in attendance and a successful show. We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our sponsors, judges and volunteers. Their support for juniors is truly amazing and the show wouldn’t be possible without them.


In November during Canadian Western Agribition our 2019 year ended with our annual meeting as well as a fun day for juniors with a pizza party to follow. We encourage members to join us next year!


With 2020 now in it’s time for the Saskatchewan junior members to start off a new year!


On February 15-17 the Canadian Junior Angus Goal Conference in attendance with National members will be held in Calgary, Alberta. Travel bursaries through Saskatchewan Junior Angus were offered this year through an application process; in which juniors had to write about why they would like to attend GOAL. Congratulations to Saskatchewan members who received travel bursaries! Entries were due at the end of December and if you weren’t able to attend this year I highly recommend that you do so in the future. GOAL is a fantastic opportunity to network and make new connections, learn more about the industry and to have a blast! This year we will attend a dinner theatre, have a pool party and have the opportunity to listen to different speakers and presentations.


On July 23-25 Showdown 2020, our national Junior Angus Show will be held in Brandon, Manitoba. This event is hosted by Canadian Junior Angus. There are many events to partake in such as the Angus cook-off, art, conformation show, farm sign, graphic design, grooming, judging, literature, marketing, photography, public speaking, scrapbook and showmanship. As Showdown is close to home this year, we hope to see many Saskatchewan Junior Angus members and their cattle there. If you plan on attending, but are unable to take cattle, we would gladly try to arrange for you to show an animal and/or help other juniors with their cattle. There are also scholarships presented at Showdown so make sure to keep an eye out for up-coming deadlines. Showdown is an incredible opportunity and has so much to offer for all juniors; in which you meet new people, learn new things, expand your skills, travel and most importantly have fun! This is an event that you won’t want to miss.


Watch for details on our provincial Junior Angus Show, to be held in Lloydminster again at Stockade Roundup in Lloydminster November 4-7.


Taking on the role of president on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Board I’m extremely exited about the opportunities and experiences that the association has to offer in 2020. I look forward to seeing and meeting many fellow junior members, as well as encouraging new juniors to join! To be a part of this association and the upcoming hands of our Angus industry is truly amazing. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association than please don’t hesitate to contact me! 


 -Jessica Davey


Director's Messages:

Hi, my name is Baxter Blair and I am excited to once again be a board member for the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association heading into 2020. I have been involved in the agricultural industry for the entirety of my life as a passion for agriculture has been instilled into our family for generations.


Along with my parents and older sister, we farm and run 150 heard of Angus influenced commercial cow calf pairs in McLean, SK. My family is also heavily involved within the McLean location of Blairs Fertilizer Ltd. and Texcana Logistics, both stemming from Blairs Family of Companies. I started my herd of purebred red Angus genetics in 2012 with my very first purebred purchase from Blairs. Ag Cattle Company. Now, I own and operate Double B Angus where I raise and sell red Angus genetics across Canada, the USA, Mexico, Argentina and Australia. Throughout the year I also compete in a variety of Junior and open shows as well as scholarship competitions across Canada.


I am currently finishing my grade 12 year at Greenall High School in Balgonie, SK. In the fall I will be attending a post secondary institution in the United States to study Animal Sciences, to eventually obtain my Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, while competing on a collegiate livestock judging team. In my spare time, I compete in extra-curricular activities such as track and field and badminton, and volunteer at the Sherwood Animal Clinic.


The Angus breed has given me unparalleled amounts of knowledge, experience, and relationships that I could have never gotten in any other industry and I am extremely excited to see what this year brings for all of us.

- Baxter


Hello everyone, my name is Jessica Davey and I am from Donavan, SK. My family's operation is Rivendale Cattle Company and we are located 30 minutes South West of Saskatoon. We run 50 purebred black Angus females and are focusing on building a strong foundation to our growing herd.


I am sixteen years old and am currently in grade 11 at Delisle Composite School. To further my education in the livestock industry I plan to apply to the University of Saskatchewan Animal Science program this fall. In 2019 I established my photography business, Show Stoppin' Photography; in which, I hope to attain a Certificate in Entrepreneurship through the University of Saskatchewan's Edwards School of Business as well.


I joined Canadian Junior Angus four years ago and haven't looked back since! The breed is truly amazing; I have met so many people, made connections and am continuously learning. I'm so thankful for the support and guidance of others, as well as the opportunity to receive travel bursaries to attend events across the country and scholarships to put towards university tuition. I am looking forward to being involved in the Angus breed and community for years to come.

- Jess


Hello members, my name is Morgan Davey. I am 18 years old and currently in my first year of Animal Science at the University of Saskatchewan. I am living at home right now and an active member on our operation. I will be moving to Moose Jaw this summer to work for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.


The Angus breed and livestock production is my passion. I love getting to acquire many new experiences in the industry and I have enjoyed my first four years in the association. I look forward to attending more events and meeting as many of you as possible!



My name is Hayden Elliot-Nelson. I am a director at large for the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association. My family and I run a purebred as well as a commercial herd just outside of St. Brieux, SK. I have shown Angus cattle for seven years now and have enjoyed every minute. I really enjoy socializing and competing in junior cattle shows. Meeting new people and catching up with old ones is the true fun in the cattle industry for me.

- Hayden


Hi, my name is Brandy Fettes and I am currently a grade twelve student at Gladmar Regional School. My family and I own and operate DKF Angus, 5 km south of Gladmar, SK where we sell our bulls and females private treaty. Along with raising and showing cattle I also enjoy playing basketball and competing in high school rodeo.


I have been a Jr. Angus Member for fifteen years, and this year I am on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association board serving as the Secretary. I am very excited to be part of the  board and I am looking forward to attending CJA and SJAA events!

- Brandy


Hello everyone, my name is Tyra Fox. I am 21 years old and I am currently working on my third year of pre-veterinarian medicine at the Lakeland College in Lloydminster.


Along with my family, we own and operate Justamere Farms, located just east of Lloydminster, SK, where we run about 300 purebred black Angus cattle, along with a small commercial and club calf herd. I started 4-H when I was nine years old; right now, I am a member of the Alberta Bandits 4-H club, and I enjoy every part of 4-H. Along with 4-H going to all the Angus shows and events is also something that I love to do. I have been to many shows in both Canada and the USA with my family and I look forward to all the events yet to come. Besides showing cattle I really enjoy playing piano and doing DIY projects with my mom and sister.


I have been a part of the SJAA for many years and am sad to say this is my final year serving on the board. I have had so much fun over the years getting to participate with and meet many juniors. I am also finishing my final year on the CJAA board as the president and I am very grateful for all the opportunities both boards have provided me.

- Tyra


Hi everyone! My name is Reegan Frey, I am 16 years old, and this will be my third year on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board. I am in grade 11 at Oxbow Prairie Horizons School where I am an active SADD and SRC member. Some things I really enjoy are working with and showing cattle, playing competitive fast pitch, track and field, badminton and hockey.


Along with my family, we run Freyburn Angus Farms outside of Oxbow Saskatchewan, where we have approximately 200 head of purebred black Angus cattle and 100 head of Angus influenced cattle alongside a small grain operation. I started showing cattle when I began 4-H at the age of six and this will be my 11th year being a part of the Alameda 4-H Beef Club and my first year as president.


I enjoy learning all that I can about the beef industry and sharing it with the younger members of my club to help them gain a better understanding of the importance of our industry. In the past I have attended two Canadian Junior Angus GOAL conferences and the CJA Showdown, where I have had tons of learning opportunities and have met many wonderful juniors that I can now call friends.


I have spent the past couple of years as a director at large on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board and this year I am the vice president. I am very excited to help out and to meet new members!

- Reegan


Hello, my name is Rayel Kaczmar. I am 18 years old and live in Grenfell, Saskatchewan on my family farm, Longview Angus, where we run over 100 purebred black Angus cows and 50 commercial cows.


The past three years I have attended the CJA GOAL Conference in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Moose Jaw and I am looking forward to this years GOAL in Calgary, Alberta. I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given by the Saskatchewan and Canadian Junior Angus Associations.


I look forward to another great year, in my third year as a director on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association board.

- Rayel


Hi, my name is Carson Liebreich. I am from Radville, Saskatchewan where my family owns and operates Merit Cattle Company. We run a purebred black Angus operation of 200 cows. I am currently attending my first year of post-secondary taking the Agriculture Technician program in Olds, Alberta.


I got my start in the Angus industry when my parents gave me a calendar year heifer calf the year I was born. She produced up to the age of 12. Since I was little I have been showing cattle. I enjoy showing cattle and try and go to as many shows as possible including recent Showdown’s and the fall show run. I have also been very fortunate to attend recent GOAL conferences and will be attending the 2020 conference in Calgary.


Growing up in the cattle industry has been a great influence in my life and being able to attend all the shows and other events has helped me to grow as a individual and I look forward to what is coming in the future.

- Carson


Hello, my name is Macy Liebreich and my family’s operation is Merit Cattle Company, where we run about 200 purebred black Angus.


I'm currently in my final year of undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia for my Bachelor of Commerce with a major in human resources and focus in sustainability and social impact. I also work part-time for the Vancouver Canucks on the ice team.


I've grown up in the beef 4-H program and have been to multiple junior shows and conferences across the country. Through the Angus Association I have had spectacular opportunities traveling to Scotland for the World Angus Forum as a part of the youth competition, traveling to the American LEAD conference, acting as the Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador, and traveling to the first JA Global Alumni Conference in Austria with a CAF self-directed bursary.


I’m excited to be a part of this board and to be more involved with the youth in the industry, hopefully I see you at some events this year. Also, if you have any questions regarding Angus scholarships or opportunities I’m always happy to help!

- Macy


Hello, my name is Hillary Sauder and I am from Hodgeville, Saskatchewan where we own and operate Windy Willows Farms. We recently held a Red Angus herd dispersal and a mature cow Black Angus dispersal. We currently raise approximately 100 purebred black Angus cows along with my own herd of approximately 35 purebred black Angus cows.


I am in my second semester at Lakeland College in Vermilion, AB, taking Animal Science Technology. I am also in my 14th year of 4-H as a member of the Ernfold 4-H Beef Club. I am a director at large on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board, a Saskatchewan director on the Canadian Junior Angus board and the Junior representative on the Saskatchewan Angus board.

- Hillary


Hello Everyone, my name is Allyson Tetzlaff. I’m sixteen years old and currently in grade 11 at Viscount Central School. My family operates a grain farm and owns a red and black Angus herd called Triple L Angus.


I enjoy playing school sports, broomball and 4-H. I have been in the Viscount 4-H Beef Club for the past 10 years and have always enjoyed working with the cattle.


I’m really excited to be a director on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board, and I look forward to experiencing all it has to offer.

- Ally


Hello, my name is Connor Tetzlaff. I am 18 years old and am I am attending the University of Saskatchewan, studying animal science.


My family own 150 head of purebred black and red Angus at Triple L Angus. Outside of the farm, most of my time is spent working on my classes as well as being part of the Huskie track and field team and my local 4-H beef club.


This is my second year as director at large and I am excited to be involved in the Association again this year.

- Connor





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