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Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Board of Directors

Tyra Fox - President

Lloydminster, SK - 306-825-9624



Brianna Kimmel - Vice-President

Lloydminster, SK - 780-214-3643



Alexis Frick - Secretary

Neudorf, SK - 306-730-9913



Kodie Doetzel -  - Junior Director

Lipton, SK - 306-336-2245


Jennifer Jones

Lloydminster, SK - 306-825-7253



Carson Liebreich

Radville, SK - 306-815-7226



Wade Olynyk

Goodeve, SK - 306-876-4420



Baxter Blair

McLean, SK - 306-699-7211



Ty Schwan

Swift Current, SK - 306-774-4494



Davis Schmidt

Watrous, SK - 306-946-2616



Nov 1-4 Stockade Round-Up and Saskatchewan Angus Gold & Junior Show Lloydminster, SK

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The Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association was officially formed in 1996 and works to educate and provide opportunities to Angus Juniors in Saskatchewan. We host 2 shows each year - one in the Summer, that rotates around the province, and one at Canadian Western Agribition in November. Marketing, Judging, Showmanship, Grooming, Peewee Classes, and conformation, plus much more are a part of the whole concept at these shows. Educational clinics and entertainment are planned and all events are run by the Juniors, including obtaining funding for hosting the events.

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Scholarships

Application Form    Information

Champion Open Female

Merit Socialite 5024C

Carson Liebreich

Reserve Champion Open Female

Running Steady Gypsy 30C

Drayce Robertson

Champion Bull

Justamere 3508 Solution 131D

Jorja Fox

Reserve Champion Bull

Schwan First Cut 516C

Ty Schwan

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Champion Owned Female

Royal S Pride 42B

 Brianna Kimmel

SJAA President...

Well we’re into another year already and it’s time for us juniors to start planning the year ahead! The end of our 2016 was the annual meeting and fun day at Canadian Western Agribition. The annual meeting consisted of updating all the board positions and discussions on all the upcoming 2017 events. During the meeting our 2016 scholarship recipient was announced - congratulations to Jennifer Jones. She will receive $500 towards her secondary education.


At the meeting we also planned what activities would take place at the fun day; there was a scavenger hunt, some games and the annual pizza party sponsored by the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Asociation. There was a great turnout with lots of younger members participating. It’s always nice for us junior board members to get an afternoon to spend with all the other juniors.


Back in the fall of 2016 our annual Saskatchewan Junior Gold Show was held in Lloydminster, SK at the Stockade Round Up for the third year. There was another great turn out with many previous and new juniors in attendance. Activities available for juniors to participate in were print marketing, photography, literature, a costume class, team judging, grooming, showmanship and of course the conformation classes.


I would like to thank all the judges, volunteers and sponsors that helped make our junior show a success. I would also like to congratulate and thank all the juniors that came and participated.


Coming up very soon in February will be the 12th annual Canadian Junior Angus GOAL Conference. The conference this year will be held in Edmonton, AB at the West Edmonton Mall, February 18-20. Juniors will hear many interesting and informative speakers, get to meet many new juniors and have a weekend full of fun at the mall. GOAL is a great place to catch up with old Angus friends and meet many new juniors. It’s also a place where you will make life-long friends and connections. I look forward to seeing everyone there.


Later in the year we will have the 18th annual Showdown. It will be held in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan this year from July 20-22. Showdown offers many activities for juniors who attend and it’s always a great time. The SJAA is very excitied that Showdown will be hosted in Saskatchewan this year. Be sure to watch for more Showdown updates.  Into the fall we will also once again be hosting our Saskatchewan Junior Show at Stockade Roundup in conjunction with the Gold Show.


I am very excited to be serving the SJAA another year as the president. I look forward to meeting many more juniors and if you ever have any questions feel free to contact me at any time!

Tyra Fox



Board Profiles...


My name is Baxter Blair. I live at McLean, Saskatchewan, and have my own purebred Red Angus genetics at Double B Angus. I have been involved in the Angus industry for as long as I remember, and strive every day to put my efforts towards bringing quality cattle into the Angus breed.


I am involved in the Angus industry for many reasons, mostly for the amazing people I meet throughout. I am currently a Saskatchewan Junior Angus director, and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for the Angus breed.


Baxter Blair




Hello, I am Kodie Doetzel of Nu-Horizon Angus and this will be my fifth year as a board member of the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association and my second year as the junior director on the Saskatchewan Angus board.  I have attended three Saskatchewan Junior Angus shows, eight Canadian Junior Angus “Showdown’s”, and will be attending GOAL for the fourth time this year on Family Day weekend.  Each year I attend Agribition.  I am also in 4-H with Valley View.  We live on a farm north of Lipton, SK.  With my parents, Deb and Kieran I  raise purebred Red and Black Angus cattle as well as some commercial cattle. Between showing cattle in 4-H and Junior Angus shows, I am kept pretty busy.


I am in grade 11 at Cupar School. In the winter I enjoy skiing, snowmobiling and hunting. In the summer I like quadding and playing baseball.


If you like meeting new people, showing cattle, and having fun, give Junior Angus a try.  I know you will like it!


Kodie Doetzel




Hello everyone, my name is Tyra Fox. I am 18 years old and in June of 2016 I graduated from the Lloydminster Comprehensive High School. I live just east of Lloydminster, SK, at my family farm Justamere Farms, where we run about 300 purebred Black Angus cattle, along with a small commercial and club calf herd. I started 4-H when I was nine years old; right now I am a member of the Alberta Bandits 4-H club. I am the president of the club, and I enjoy every part of 4-H.


I am also in my 9th year of piano; I’m working on my 8th level playing exam and my level 4 theory exam. I work part time at Peavey Mart and I have been there for just over four years. I am starting school at the University or Regina this fall and have been very busy helping at the farm every day.


Going to all the Angus shows and events is also something that I love to do. I have been to many shows in both Canada and the USA with my family and I look forward to all the events yet to come. I have taken part in many Saskatchewan Junior Angus events and I am looking forward to serving the board another year as the President and getting to know more juniors.


I am also excited to be one of the Saskatchewan directors on the Canadian Junior Angus board and can’t wait to host Showdown 2017 July 20 - 22 in Lloydminster!


Tyra Fox




Hi Everyone! My name is Alexis Frick and I'm honoured that I have been a member on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board for the past two and a half years. I am 17 years old and I am currently in Grade 12 at Melville Comprehensive School. My farm, Northern View Angus, is located south of Duff, SK with purebred Black Angus cattle; we have 100 females. We participate in many Angus shows such as Agribition, Harvest Showdown, and many others. We also have our annual Blue Collar Bull Sale at Heartland Livestock in Yorkton, the second Saturday in April.


Since I was four years old I've played hockey and when I was able to join school sports I joined in volleyball, basketball, badminton and track & field and have been playing them all ever since! I am a part of the Goodeve Beef 4-H club and have been for eight years. I am currently president of the club and I enjoy everything about being part of this club and teaching the younger members what I have learned.


This year I am very excited to be the Secretary of the Junior Angus board and meeting new breeders and members!


Alexis Frick




Hi!  My name is Jennifer Jones and I am 20 years old.  I live north of Lloydminster and along with my mom and brother, own Ponderosa Ranch.  I enjoy breeding and showing cattle and being involved with the junior programs.  I have participated in 4-H for many years as well as Junior Shows and I am excited to see where those skills will take me.


I am looking forward to the year coming and meeting new juniors and promoting the Angus Breed.  I invite everyone to Lloydminster this summer and fall for some great Angus events!


Jennifer Jones




Hello, my name is Brianna Kimmel. I am 17 years old and in Grade 12.  I am one of the sisters in Twisted Sisters Livestock.  We raise purebred Angus and Simmental, and Sim-Angus cattle.


I have been on the SJAA board for the past four years and am currently the Vice President.  We have a great board and I have learned so much and hope to become a mentor just like the ones who mentored me.


I love being involved in the cattle industry.  It has provided me so many great opportunities, like attending the 2016 National Junior Angus Show in Grand Island, Nebraska.  It was a great experience and I strongly encourage all interested youth to become involved in their local associations.


I am pretty excited that Showdown 2017, the National Junior Angus Show, will be coming to my hometown of Lloydminster!  It is going to be a great show and I hope to see all of you there.


Brianna Kimmel




Hello, my name is Carson Liebreich and I am 15 years old. I live at Radville, Saskatchewan where my family operates Merit Cattle Co. My parents are Trent and Janelle Liebreich, I have one sister Macy and one brother Garrett.

My parents gave me a calendar year heifer calf the year I was born, Merit Countess 1017, and that is how I got my start in the Angus business. She produced for me until 12 years of age. All my females are descendants of her.


I have been a 4H member for nine years. I participate in our Saskatchewan Junior events whenever I can and I have also been able to attend Showdown at Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Virden, Manitoba and Olds, Alberta.  Last February I was also able to attend my first Canadian Junior Angus GOAL Conference in Ottawa, which was a great experience, and I am looking forward to attending the 2017 GOAL Conference in Edmonton this month.


I enjoy showing cattle, doing chores (most days) as well as playing hockey, hunting and riding my dirt bike.


Carson Liebreich




Hi. I am Wade Olynyk and I am director on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board as well as one of the Saskatchewan directors on the Canadian Junior Angus board. I am 19 years old and currently in my first year of animal science at Lakeland College in Vermilion.


I am from Goodeve, SK. We run a 200 head purebred Black Angus herd and are busy calving right now. Our annual bull sale for Crescent Creek Angus is April 1st this year, and no we are not fooling you on that! I still enjoy hockey as my pastime and watching football still also fills my weekends up. When I am not at school I try to make it home as much as I can to check on the farm and see what new things have happened since my last trip home. I will finish my two year diploma next year here at Lakeland College and then plan to go back to the family farm and start my farming career.


Wade Olynyk




My name is Davis Schmidt. I’m currently a student at Lakeland College in Vermilion, AB, enrolled in the crop technology program.  I’m also part of Mainstream Genetics where we run a herd of purebred Angus cattle at Watrous, SK.


This will be my 3rd year with the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board. I am excited to be part of this program again, and can’t wait for the Canadian Junior show to come to Lloydminster this summer.


Davis Schmidt




My name is Ty Schwan.  I am 19 years old and live on a ranch just outside of Swift Current, SK. My family and I operate Schwan Angus Ranch which consists of 100 purebred Black Angus cows and a herd of commercial cows.


Since I have been six years old I have been involved in showing cattle. I have been a part of the Herbert Grazers 4-H club for 13 years. I attend many shows throughout the year and many of the Saskatchewan and Canadian Angus Junior shows.


I look forward to my first year being a director on the Saskatchewan Angus board.


Ty Schwan

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